Daredevil skydives under Charles Bridge

Navalis celebration of St John Nepomuk (Jan Nepomucký), Prague May 15, 2017

The audience gasped during the Navalis celebration at Charles Bridge when parachutist Mark Rahbani, trailing sparks from his feet, dropped precipitously toward the Vltava river. But he was in control and made a perfect landing right under the arches of the medieval stone bridge. It was his fourth time performing the stunt. “It was amazing again. And again it was a big challenge,” Rahbani said, adding that at 8:45 pm the sky was growing dark and there were no alternative landing spots. He filmed the jump with a GoPro camera.

With the height of the parachute, he only had three meters to spare in crossing under the bridge. He approached the support pylons at 129 km/hour, as clocked by the camera's telemetry. He was followed later by five jumpers with LED-lit suits in the Czech national colors.

More difficult than the jumps, though, was getting permission, which took three-quarters of year.

The jumps were part of the annual Navalis celebration of St John Nepomuk (Jan Nepomucký), held every year on May 15. The event ended with a large fireworks display.

For more visit www.facebook.com/GOHD.cz

Cam: GoPro HERO5 Black
Mark Rahbani

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